Frequently Asked Questions:

How fast will I get my reseller website?
We will complete your website within 48 hours or less. The down time comes from the domain name having to resolve to the host. If you are using your own domain name it can take a little longer.

Can I use my own domain name and hosting with my reseller website?
Yes, simply select "use a name you already own" on the checkout page, then after you purchase send us your hosting information so we can install the website on your hosting. Alternately you can have use install on our server and copy to yours afterwards. If you do this please let us know so we can keep our server as clean and free as possible.

Can I resell my website if it doesn't work out?
Yes. In fact we have customers that do this all the time for extra money. Only  rule is you must sell the website on the domain we set it up on. You can not copy the sites to another domain.  We have imbedded code in each of the site files plus we check ebay, flippa, bid4webs, websitebroker, and other website marketplaces every day. If we see one of our sites on a different domain being sold we notify the proper authority.

Can I promote any type of website with the traffic from your sources?
We do not allow adult content websites unless adult traffic is purchased and your site must be legal. And your site should not contain harmful software's, such as Virus, trojans, worms. Also we will not send traffic to sites which promote hate, violence or illegal activities.

Can I divide the traffic between 2 or more websites?
Yes, if you have your own stats as a reseller you can setup unlimited campaigns.

Do you guarantee sales or sign ups with your  sites or traffic?
No!  Although we have sold websites that are now making over $10,000 per month UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO WE GUARANTEE THAT YOUR WEBSITE WILL MAKE ANY MONEY AT ALL.  We simply provide the website and tools need.  Same for the traffic, we guarantee the amount of traffic ordered but we can not control people's actions.

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