We specialize in traffic reseller and other marketing related websites.

Our Traffic Reseller Websites Can Offer The Following Campaign Types:

Category Targeted Traffic:  From English Speaking Countries (USA & Europe).

Unlimited Traffic: Offer Unlimited Traffic. No Daily Limits!

Keyword Traffic From Search Engines and Social Media Sites: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, & Stumbleupon

Guaranteed Sign Ups: Offer Sign Ups To FREE OFFERS!

We offer two options for reselling traffic.

Option #1

Outsource all of your traffic orders:
When you get an order from your website you will be paid direct to your PayPal account. You then go to the provided supplier and order your customers campaign. They will send you a link to the stats within 24 hours and you simply forward the stats to your customer. That's it.

Profit Margins:
The current prices can easily be changed in the site admin. Currently The prices are set to where you make on average $20 - $40 for the best sellers. The small target campaign profits about $10 and that is the lowest. Most buy the unlimited campaigns where you make no less than $21 for the smallest campaign. Some of the larger campaigns can profit over $200+ Again you are free to edit the prices.

Option #2

Run your own Stats Tracker:
With this option you will have your own hosted Stats Tracker. You are in complete control. When you get an order you will set up your customers campaign in your stats tracker. Instead of buying traffic for each order like in option #1, you just send traffic direct to your stats tracker. The stats tracker works like a rotator and distributes traffic to all sites within it. This option gives you more control on pricing and profits. Full instructions on how to use your stats tracker will be included.

Which option should you choose?

Option #1 is the easier of the two and is recommend for newbie's. Only downside to this option is since you are buying what you need to fill each order you have to charge more for traffic.

Option #2 is for the experienced reseller and for those who are looking to take their business to the next level. You have the ability to charge less because your using your own hosted stats tracker and can feed traffic to it as needed. For example: Lets say you sell 3 traffic orders in a day. With option #1 you would need to buy the traffic to fill each order. With option #2 you can set up all three orders and just send 10k hits to your stats tracker. You can get away with just buying traffic every few orders or so, depending on how many orders you get. The stats tracker will send traffic to all websites that are added to it.

Another Example: We have resellers who get multiple orders every day. What they do is each month send several million visitors to the stats tracker and it covers them for the month. There are many ways to use the stats tracker. It works with, traffic exchanges, solo ads, pop-under traffic, etc. The opportunities are endless with the stats tracker.

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